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    This is the faction will be joining



    This is the faction will be joining

    Post by Guest on Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:11 am

    WTF was once a top 25 faction.

    Over the course of a month we have lost a lot of our top gold contributors seeking even bigger rewards. As we move forward we will balance the growing increase in the cost of gold to stay in the top 100 vs. the benefit of gold players using their gold to increase their personal stats. The faction as a whole can still benefit from having gold players as during WD events they will be strong enough to beat up on the weaker factions we will be facing as we move down the leader board.

    Everyone will still contribute cash and blocks daily, however our level of play during world domination events may be significantly diminished. The biggest impact will be on free players who up to this point have enjoyed the rewards obtained by the gold players. nevertheless, the att/def bonuses are still a benefit of being in the faction, but there will just be significantly fewer prize units during WD events.
    As the faction moves forward, there may be an event in the future where there are enough gold contributors who wish to man/woman up and go for a top spot in order to achieve the reward from that event.

    Members (such as panzer) who are in good standing and wish to try on a top faction are welcome to do so and will have a spot (based on availability) should they wish to come back down and visit their homeslices and take a break from the rigors associated with a top tier faction.

    Above all, we seek to be a faction that puts fun, equality, and winning in their proper perspective, and in that order.


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    Post by Guest on Thu May 02, 2013 2:28 pm

    am i locked from forum? or did it just boot out of lack of usage? let me know if im aloud to have access back or not.
    Thank You

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